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Guest Edit - Sylvia Choi

Interviews - November 17

Fliss dress sandal $170.00

Style is so personal, and the same shoe may have vastly different interpretations depending on the wearer, so we invited stylist Sylvia Choi to give some of our hero styles for Spring a spin. She balanced the athletic, refined look of these stiletto boots with the luxurious textures of silk and velvet. We also asked her to share some insight into her sleek, modern personal style.

How would you describe your personal style?

Personally my style is always evolving more and more but if I had to describe my style in word it would be modern with a splash of colour.  

What influences your wardrobe?

The thing that influences my wardrobe most would definitely be Instagram, social media and Vogue Runway. But my number one rule before I buy anything is that I have to dream about the piece; if I don’t, then I won’t buy it. I know that’s weird, but it helps stop me buying everything.  

When did you first become interested in fashion?

Since I was young I’ve always been very independent when it comes with my clothing. My mum always told me that since I was five I always chose what I was going to wear. 

Racquel ankle boot $220.00

Who are your style icons?

Recently I have been really liking Margaret Zhang’s style @margaret_zhang because it’s simple but striking. But since back in the day I’ve always been inspired by what the Olsen twins were wearing.  

What magazines, websites and social media accounts do you read and follow?

Fashion Quarterly
Miss FQ
Vogue Korea 
Matches fashion
Net a porter 

If you could possess any fashion item in the world, past or present, what would it be?

Dior, Chanel, Jacquemus, Roberts Wood, Balenciaga - all brands to be honest!

What’s your favourite Mi Piaci shoe this season?

I love the Racquel ankle boots, Sanders, Sid in yellow and Estrella in pink - they are literally heaven!