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The heart and soul of Mi Piaci lies in the stories behind our designs, the catalysts that stir our vision and the women who inspire us. Our Journal gives us the chance to share them all with you.

Mi Piaci Women: Emily Gurr
Interviews • December 18
Mi Piaci Women: Donielle Brooke
Interviews • November 18
Stylist in the Spotlight: Zeenat Wilkinson
Interviews • November 18
Cocktail Season
Weekends • November 18
Mi Piaci Women: Jaime Ridge
Interviews • November 18
Mi Piaci Women: Liv and Carrie from SHOW PONY Millinery
Interviews • October 18
Mi Piaci Women: Mandy Duncan
Interviews • October 18
Modern women of Mi Piaci, leading the way in business
Interviews • October 18
Perceptions - Vol. 3
Collections • October 18
'90s Nostalgia
The Trend Report • September 18