Stylist in the spotlight: Sammy Salsa

Interviews - September 18

We sat down with stylist Sammy Salsa to chat about the Mi for Me campaign which he recently worked with us on. The shoot was one of our most inspirational yet thanks to Sammy’s vision and flawless styling. Find out more about what inspired Sammy and how he brought our athleisure collection to life….


What do you think has inspired this massive worldwide trend towards athleisure and sport luxe?

Athleisure has always been a “look” around the urban streets of society over the years. Now, thanks to designers like Kanye West with Yeezy, Alexander Wang and Puma Fenty, to name a few, this genre of fashion has been elevated to a global fashion status with most luxury brands and designers following suit. From a consumer perspective, being able to wear sports style sneakers with almost anything from your wardrobe is a big “yasssss!” movement, when it comes to comfortable footwear, be it for day or night.


Can you give us three tips for styling athleisure?

1) Give your overall look a good balance of shapes, silhouettes and volume to make a fashion statement.

2) For the less fashion-conscious consumer, choose a stand-out pair of sports-luxe footwear and let them do the talking (or walking in this case) whilst keeping your outfit more neutral and subtle.

3) Sports athleisure is all about movement and powerful prowess - make sure your overall look is comfortable so that when you walk out that door, you’re walking with purpose.


Which is your favourite Mi x Me style?

My favourite sneaker is the Lola Sneaker – it’s fun, vibrant and so on-trend with what’s happening on the fashion circles internationally. This is also a great sneaker to style-up with an eye-catching outfit or something a little more casual – versatile is what we like to call this shoe!


Which is your favourite image from the Mi for Me campaign?

My favourite shot of the day has got to be this one (below). Everything about this shot champions what the vision of this athleisure collection is all about: powerful, striking and moving.


What inspired your aesthetic for the campaign?

The inspiration behind the styling for this campaign was that I really wanted clothing that complemented the footwear but also didn’t take away from the shoes. Choosing garments that also amplified luxe, movement and grand shapes was key in bringing the images to life. Getting the right balance between ‘street’ and ‘sports luxe’ was also important in keeping true to the sports athleisure culture. In the campaign you’ll see masculine silhouettes which play on the androgynous vibe [of the collection] and is also a nod towards women feeling empowered and being boss ladies in their everyday life.


Who would be your dream person to style (alive or from throughout history)?

My dream person to style would be QUEEN BEY! #Flawless




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