A look behind the campaign: what inspired Perceptions?

Interviews - August 18

We sat down with Mi Piaci Brand Manager and Designer, Sarah Street, to ask her what inspired the Mi Piaci SS18 campaign, Perceptions:


What inspired Perceptions – as a theme for the campaign and as a collection?

The idea of ‘Perceptions’ came from the strong belief that all women should be perceived as equals. We want to inspire women to celebrate themselves and to celebrate each other. Particularly in the world we live in today, where we are in a constant state of ever-evolving conversations and socio-political tides, the perception that really matters most is how we perceive ourselves.

With this season comes the continued rise of female empowerment, and we’re constantly aware that as a brand we have the ability to empower women, and we want to do that by celebrating each and every one of our customers and their beautiful diversities. This collection really is an ode to our customers.


How do you see the Mi Piaci woman growing and evolving with this collection?

The Mi Piaci woman to me, is a woman who, just like the world we live in, is ever evolving. Even though sometimes seemingly subtle, she is changing just like we are, and I feel like she is a part of our journey. I also feel like she is growing more confident with each season. She is a constant source of inspiration for us. We’re always checking in to see how we can curate our collections to give her new shoes to fall in love with each season.


What are you most excited about in the Perceptions collection?

I’m a huge fan of 90s nostalgia and I am excited about the huge influence that this has had on our collection. Equally, I’m passionate about the athleisure movement (which we have something very special planned for) and the modern workwear trend (which is almost in contrast to the athleisure trend). I feel like these three very distinct elements, make up a cohesive collection that I’m very proud of.


The collection has a definite nod to the 90s! Tell us more about the nostalgia you feel for this:

I grew up in the 90s, so it’s definitely a defining decade for me. I feel like the 90s aesthetic is so relevant today again and it’s exciting to see this trend coming back – hopefully it’s here to stay for a while!


What is your favourite 90s fashion moment?

I’m obsessed with Kate Moss and Johnny Depp as a couple, and all of the “supers” (models) from the 90s. I also can’t go past Clueless and Empire Records as iconic 90s films that I could watch over and over.


Any words for the Mi Piaci Woman this season?

Now more than ever, I think it’s so important to embrace our differences and celebrate diversity. Supporting other women and empowering one another is something that I’m a real advocate for.