Pastel Power

The Trend Report - August 18

Introducing this season’s dreamiest hues and why we love them.

Pastel palettes evoke images of a bygone era; of vintage movie scenes set in European utopia. But they also push feminine power to front of mind and we see our protagonist, the Mi Piaci Woman, boldly stepping out in powdery hues and candy-esque tones.

This is not the first time in history pastels have been in the spotlight. Like many other trends, pastels have been on and off the fashion stage for a number of decades, dating as far back as the Roaring 20s, when Art Deco style and design reigned supreme.

As the years passed, light pastel colours continued to be popular, particularly throughout the 1950s, when popular palettes included sorbet-inspired lemon, light pink and the softest powdery blue. These colours continued to enjoy popularity throughout more recent decades such as the 80s and 90s, and it’s from here that we took our inspiration for our ‘Perceptions’ pastel edit. These years saw pastels take on a more structured form. While we often think of soft pinks and blues being the colours of choice for floaty skirts and billowy blouses, the 90s saw them transform into structured coordinates: the new power suit.

Although our SS18 pastel collection is feminine and soft in colour, many of the shapes you’ll see are structured, following a sleek, angular form. Flared heels, buckles and asymmetry add to these structured designs, highlighting the fact that for this collection, our minds were well and truly in the 90s.

Fast forward to 2018 and Millennial Pink, Gen Z Yellow, Neo Mint and Ultra Violet are all ubiquitous game-players in the modern world of fashion and interiors. These pastel hues are seen on everything from shop walls and front doors to sunglasses, clothing and fairy-floss inspired hair. In fact, throughout destinations such as California, London and the Greek Islands (to name just a few!) these colours are the backdrop to boutique-lined avenues and chic boulevards, creating picture-perfect photo opportunities at every glance! Each of these colours are showcased in a range of shades; each highly recognisable by its soft, Instagrammable tone.

Here at Mi Piaci HQ, we think of pastels as being an easy-to-wear everyday option. Our Perceptions campaign sees a heavy dose of pastel power. From block-heeled sandals to slingbacks and loafers, whatever your personal style you’ll find a signature pastel-hued design in our carefully edited collection.



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