Our Process

Designer's Notes - May 18

Fleek dress sandal $230.00

Our Process

We live and breathe footwear. Design encapsulates everything we do. Every season, we celebrate the fact that we proudly design the majority of our collections in house, right here in New Zealand. Countless hours go into each and every one of our shoes. Every line, detail and colour is carefully considered in the hopes of bringing you our best collection yet.

Every season we return to the drawing board, and stay there throughout the season, refining and developing our range to translate movements flourishing worldwide and details you love into new ideas or fresh updates for old favourites. We see design as a constant process. From rough sketches in the margins of a notebook, comes fully realised design drawings, 3D diagrams and spec sheets - a visible timeline of a shoe, with every possibility explored. We then pour over swatches, trims and fastenings until we find the exact hue or finish that’s been in the back of our minds.

There’s sometimes doubt, but that doubt allows us to develop and evolve, whether it’s a completely different heel or new toe shape - because design never stops, and change moves us forward.