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Mobi long boot $520.00

mi piaci home chapter one

Madini mule $260.00

Carissa loafer $230.00

home can be interpreted in a vast spectrum of ways; from a familiar touch, a fond memory, or nostalgic sentiment.

Dern ankle boot $280.00

Nature is resilient, as are women, and we pay tribute to both through a captivating series of chapters this season. Mirroring the stories, challenges and growth that define our lives, through these unfolding chapters we will explore that which shapes us, motivates us and gives us strength as Mi Piaci women.

mi piaci home chapter one

Maddie heel $210.00

Maddie heel $210.00

Ricki boot $280.00

The foundation of our story for autumn, is New Zealand, our home. We are grounded by its powerful beauty, from rolling fields to expansive coasts and kind, generous souls. This season we celebrate the beauty of this country with our distinctly local campaign, and head back to nature to immerse ourselves in the values of the wilderness.

Granger ankle boot $280.00

Marrick boot $280.00

Maize boot $360.00

mi piaci home chapter one

Dorian ankle boot $260.00

Chapter One of our new collection home is in-stores and online now, with new designs arriving weekly.

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