Mi Piaci Women: Emily Gurr

Interviews - December 18

When we think of Emily Gurr, we think of sun, surf and summer. We asked the quintessential beach babe to talk us through how she gets ready for summer.


What items can you not live without for Spring/Summer?

I love to wear lightweight linen suits, light cami dresses and vintage denim shorts with a basic ribbed singlet. This season I am into square toe mules and boots, also mini handbags and wide brimmed hats.


What keeps you inspired, year-round?

My inspiration generally comes from old films and music clips. I also am really inspired by artists and photographers, such as Garry Winogrand. I find a lot of inspiration from being in nature and feeling inferior to space. I tend to go on long road trips across Australia to visit my family and I find much inspiration from my travels, as well as experiencing different cultures and landscapes


How do you get prepped for a summer full of events?

I like to keep active. I spend lots of time at the beach and try to eat fresh, healthy, regular meals. I make sure I wear SPF and look after my skin. Drinking plenty of water is also essential.


How would you describe your signature style?

My style is simple and eloquent with elements of intrigue. I am quite eclectic in terms of my love for vintage pieces that embody so much history and nostalgia. I adore French chic and the nonchalant attitude.


What are your ‘must haves’ for a summer of travelling?

Comfortable bikinis and a one-piece, a wide brimmed hat, a pair of mules, a big beach bag SPF oil, denim shorts, a white blouse, and sunglasses


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