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Designer's Note - Curvaceous heel

Designer's Notes - November 17

Our most sculptural design yet.

With hours of work behind it, our new statement heel combines bold architectural forms with enduring stability and commands attention. A labour of love, we wanted to create a heel that was sturdy like a block but had elements of softness and femininity – a beautiful juxtaposition of form and function. It’s the perfect foundation; the footprint of this heel is large and sturdy, soit’s great as a mid-height heel with all day wearability.

This heel started as a plasticine form in our design studio. From there 2D and 3D drawings were created. We then got a wooden sample made, which we tweaked and refined several times to get the shape just right. From there, we were able to open a metal mould to create the final form. It took countless models, sketches and prototypes for us to achieve this beautiful juxtaposition of form and function.

Saxony dress court $190.00
Sana dress court $150.00

Although we’d perfected our curvaceous heel, Sana was a difficult shoe to get right due to the nature of the pattern; a high vamp and open back make getting the shoe to hold on to the foot properly rather difficult. With a high vamp design, you're actually trying to make sure your vamp is the right height and position to allow enough space for foot entry and comfort - an inside elastic gusset helps with this. We also had to revise the counter (back of the shoe) pattern several times to get the fit right, as well as adjusting the last (the solid form the shoe is made on) to make sure the counter sat properly around the heel.

We understand women no longer want to compromise comfort or style (neither do we) so we’re continuously exploring the limits of shape and structure. The curvaceous heel we used for Sana and Saxony is our latest iteration – discover it now.

Sana dress court $150.00