Cocktail Season

Weekends - November 18

Aside from purchasing that great pair of sandals you’ve had your eye on, one of summer’s greatest pleasures is dining alfresco on a balmy evening and toasting the good weather with a cool cocktail.

At Mi Piaci, we want to help you celebrate the sunniest season, so we’ve taken the liberty of pairing four iconic cocktails with some of our stand out summer styles.

You’re welcome.


The ‘90s Icon

Having enjoyed a rise to fame during the Sex and the City years, the Cosmopolitan is just as iconic as the series itself. Served in a martini glass, a ‘Cosmo’ consists mostly of vodka and cranberry juice, served with minimal garnishes. Our ‘90s Nostalgia collection drew inspiration from SATC’s aesthetic, so it seems only fitting we’d pair our favourite pieces with the most iconic refreshment of the decade.


A Lemon Twist

Nothing evokes the thought of balmy summer days like the sharp citrus flavour of Limoncello. Beaches lined with sun umbrellas, coastlines of sparkling, azure ocean and crisp white linens spring to mind at the mere hint of this Italian liqueur, which is why we couldn’t help but add it to our favourite classic drink: the humble Gin and Tonic. Our lemon collection is a little like that, too. We’ve taken your favourite designs and injected a dash of bold, vibrant yellow for a true summer shake up.


The Classic Italian

An Aperol Spritz is symbolic of many things: summer, Italy and the art of doing absolutely nothing. Sitting back with friends or taking a very leisurely stroll, Aperol in hand, is an Italian tradition which has transcended continents and become a staple summer pastime here in the Southern Hemisphere too. Recognisable by its vibrant orange hue, the Aperol Spritz provides a source of inspiration for the brightest summer outfits. Block out an afternoon and make yourself summer’s coolest cocktail.


The Rose Tinted Refresher

Pink speaks to us on so many different levels. It can at once be both soft and bold; delicate and powerful: just like our next cocktail, the Rosewater Cinqo de Mayo. The sharp flavour of tequila paired with the bitterness of orange liqueur gives this subtle-looking refreshment an unexpected bite. Step out in rosy tones that pack a punch, with our collection of pastel pink styles.

Here at Mi Piaci, we love to indulge in a cocktail in the summer sun and wanted to share these recipes with you to enjoy responsibly. This blog post, while light-hearted in its nature, was intended for readers 18+ years only.