The 'chunky sneaker' trend is more effortless than you think, according to Chantelle Price

Interviews - April 19

With the rising fascination for ‘functional fashion’; the polarising ‘chunky sneaker’ trend shows no sign of abating any time soon. First introduced on international runways in 2015, the millennial generation obsessed with nostalgia were hot on the trail. 3 years on, chunky sneakers are firmly cemented in the everyday wardrobe with celebrities, stylists and influencers alike sporting the unexpected trend everywhere; including catwalk, street style – and most recently even the Met Gala.

Bringing an irreverence to an outfit that might otherwise feel too polished, the chunky sneaker is surprisingly versatile and can easily be paired with a multitude of silhouettes, from ethereal, floaty fabrics to refined tailoring or date night attire.

We spoke to Chantelle Price, model, influencer and fashion’s ‘it’ girl of the moment to discuss how to wear the chunky silhouette for the sartorially brave. 

1. For someone trying out the style for the first time, how would you suggest styling the chunky sneaker with your existing wardrobe?
I love that you can dress it up or down, I would wear them with some slouchy pants, a tee shirt and a leather or fur over the shoulders, and a cross body bag. Super easy!


2. How can you dress the chunky sneaker to wear at the office? 
They look great with a pant and oversized blazer!


3. What silhouette is your favourite to dress up the chunky sneaker for the night? 
I love the sneaker and silky mid skirt look! Super comfy and easy to style.